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With some rewarded bartenders, São Paulo offers bars for everyone's liking, where you can taste drinks – as the typical one called "caipirinha" – , listen to music or just chat and flirt. 

A Juriti
Cambuci    Visa
The house is known as the “queen of the appetizers”. The house's specialties are the portions of sea food, such as the squid or even the Italian sausage fried in alcohol. The draft beer is served, but the costumers usually prefer the bottled beers.
R. Amarante, 31
55 (11) 3207-3908
Tue. to sat.: 8am to 12pm. Sun.: 8am to 4pm.

Aldeia da Villa  -  Website (pt)
Jardim São Paulo    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
Located on the region's the main avenue, the bar is spacious and has stage for musical shows. There are several drink options; among them the good draft beer.
Av. Luiz Dumont Villares, 628
55 (11) 6283-5355
Mon. to fri.:from 5pm. Sat. and sun.: from 12am.

Alibabar  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
This is an Arabic bar decorated with objects from Lebanon. The menu offers typical dishes as hummus, babaganuj and curdled milk.
R. Prof. Atílio Innocenti, 500
55 (11) 3845-0926
Tue. to sun.:from 7pm.

All Black  -  Website (pt)  -  Website (en)
Jardim Paulista    english-speaking attendants American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
The main attraction of this Irish styled pub is the Guinness beer. It serves traditional dishes, such as fish - chips. On Tuesdays they present blues; On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays rock bands; and on Thursdays pop rock concerts.
R. Oscar Freire, 163
55 (11) 3088-7990
Mon. tue. and sun.:6pm to 11pm. Wed. and sat.:6pm to 4am.

Armazén bar  -  Website (pt)
Moema    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
The decoration is warehouse inspired and there is a spacious and disputed balcony. On Saturdays it is usually served the light “feijoada” (Brazilian dish made of beans and pork).
Al. Jauaperi, 570
55 (11) 5052-3106
Mon. to fri.: from 5pm. Sat.:from 12am. Sun.:from 4pm.

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