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São Paulo Gay Parade

The biggest event of its kind in the world. The major tourist event of the city. The second biggest popular agglomeration in city's history. These were just some of the titles given to Parade  of Pride of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transsexuals of São Paulo.

The first edition happened in 1997. It is quite a recent event in comparison to New York and San Francisco, where it occurs since the 70th decade. But it just took 8 editions to overcome those citie's parades in number of people. In 2006, as an example, it gathered about 2,4 million people. According to State Tourism Bureau, the Gay Parade brings to the city about 16 times the public of Formula 1.

The Parade happens yearly, in June, with the aims of bringing visibility to social-sexual categories and fomenting the creation of public policies for homosexuals, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals. Since its 7th edition, the Parade is associated to an intense cultural programming, that lasts at least a month.

2007 Edition

This year, more than 2 milion people are expected to fill Avenida Paulista on June 10th, Sunday.

The Pride Parade Office advises the public that the Pride Parade is known as a peaceful event, with no record of serious violent accidents. Despite of that, they remember that it´s an open event so you should take care of your goods and pay attention to what is happening around you.


It is better to use the subway (Metrô) to go to Avenida Paulista. On the Parade day, extra trains operate and special localization systems are in place. Buy your subway tickets in advance, to avoid long lines on the day of the Parade. Along Avenida Paulista there are three subway stations: Brigadeiro, Trianon-Masp and Consolação, you can use any one of them.

It is not recommended to drive in the Avenida Paulista and downtown areas during the Parade. The Av. Paulista will be closed to traffic on that day.


Most international hotel companies in São Paulo will have specific hotels for the Gay Parade guests due to the huge number of people in the city looking for a room.

The best districts for you to stay in order to be near the Parade are Consolação, , Jardim Paulista and República (click on the neighborhoods' names to see VisitSP's list of hotels).

Extra Parties

Besides the Gay Parade itself (which is just the high point of many activities of gay culture), there are several parties and events that happen in th São Paulo, especially during the Parade week. Here are the most important of them:

Wednesday, June 6

Baylon Especial - website (pt)
The biggest São Paulo´s Gay Club opens for a special party
DJs: Victor Calderone + house DJs
Rua Guaicurus, 324 - Lapa
+55 11 3872-9966

Thursday, June 7

Aqualand at Wet´n´Wild - website (pt)
The pool park opens a specific day for gay guests, starting at 10am
Parque Aquático Wet 'n' Wild - Rodovia dos Bandeirantes, Km 72
+55 11 3453-3118

X-Demente at Pachá São Paulo
- website (pt)
The São Paulo´s version of the famous international club will have this special night with international DJs. The prices have not yet been divulgued.
DJs: DJs Chris Cox (USA), Allyson Calagna (USA) and Ana Paula
Rua Mergenthaler, 829 - Vila Leopoldina
+55 11 2189-7700

Friday, June 8

Fun! Pré-Parada: Bubu - website (pt)
The most important pre-Parade party of this famous gay club
DJs: Gustavo Zapata, Paulo Agulhari, Vlad, Paulo Ciotti, Gustavo Vianna and André Medeiros.
Rua dos Pinheiros, 791 - Pinheiros

Saturday, June 9

Close at Clash Club - website (pt)
One of the newsest clubs in São Paulo, opens its dancefloor for a gay party. It has not been set a price yet
DJs: Barbie da Silva, André Fischer, Nega Nervous, Luca Lauri and Marcos Morcerf
Rua Barra Funda, 969 - Barra Funda
+55 11 3661-1500

Sunday, June 10

Most São Paulo´s Gay Clubs must open on the Gay Parade day with after-hours, but not all of them will have special attractions or have already released their plans. But you can be sure all of them will be full because of the huge amount of tourists the city will receive.

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