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São Paulo, a city of movie festivals
The vast program of cinema and video in São Paulo offers many other events in prominence.

É Tudo Verdade (It's All True) – International Documentary Film Festival
The main event dedicated to the documentary culture in Latin America. In 2007 it has exibited 141 movies. It happens every year, since 1996, between the months of March and April. It also occurs in Rio de Janeiro, Brasília.
Website (pt, en)

Anima Mundi – International Animation Festival of Brazil
This festival is specialized in animated cartoons and shows the best of global production. It has started in Rio de Janeiro in 1993 and four years later was initiated in São Paulo, where its most important edition occurs nowadays. Animamundi always brings to São Paulo lots of famous animated shorts and feature films and also animators and graphic designers from worldwide.

The programs are know for its variety, with movies for adults, young people and children. It also has lectures and workshops for professionals and students of animation. >Anima Mundi 2007>

São Paulo International Short Film Festival
The biggest event dedicated to short-feature movies in Latin America. In 2006 it has exhibited 424 movies, from 51 countries, for a total public of 27 thousand people. The festival happens yearly, since 1990, between August and September.
Website(pt, en)

Mix Brasil – Festival of Cinema and Video of Sexual Diversity
It tries to develop the subject through the cinema. The prominence is for homosexuality. The show was created in 1993, in São Paulo, and was expanded to Rio de Janeiro and Brasília. It happens every year in November.
Website (pt)

Festival Internacional do Minuto (One Minute Festival)
It is the oldest event of this sort in the world. There are shown many types of works, from movies to photos sequences or animated cartoons, since it all have, maximum, 60 seconds. The event occurs in November.
Website (pt)

Festival de Cinema Latino-Americano de São Paulo (SP Latin-American Cinema Festival)
It is an ambicious project in its first edition. More than a hundred productions will be shown and more than 40 foreigners guests will be brought. All the exhibitions will occur in Latin America Memorial, Cinesesc and Cinemateca and the festival's entrance will be free, in July.

São Paulo International Film Festival
It is a traditional event in the country's cinema agenda and usually includes three sections: new directors competition, international perspective and special presentations. It is officially held in October, as established by the State and Municipality of São Paulo.
Website (pt, en)

Actually a pop culture festival in all its applications (technology, music, fashion), Resfest is also a Film Festival, and happens in more than 40 cities around the world. Besides the cinema ehxibitions (in 2007 there were almost 40 movie sessions with shorts, featured films, music videos and CG movies), it also has music shows, expositions and panels. Happens usually between april and may. Website (pt)

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