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São Paulo has a intense night life capable of pleasing everyone. There are clubs playing great music, from electronic to Brazilian traditional styles - different options for all ages and various prices. The parties usually last all night long, for those who are discontented some houses have “after hours” that go until midday or more, depending on the place.

Disco  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Electronic    handicap facilities
The futuristic scenery has the architect Isay Weinfeld signature, who also designed the restaurant Fasano, besides the creative Brothers Campana, whom seduced the Italian design industry. The DJ's stand is close to the dance floor, injecting the costumers with energy. The predominant sound is house and every week the responsible DJs bring the new stuff from Europe and United States. The house's proposal is directed to attend a select public and that is why a door security manager controls the entrance, holding back those who don’t fit in the house's style. On Thursdays, Michel Saad (one of the owners) is in the pick-ups command. On Fridays, it is DJ Leozinho's turn and on Saturdays it is the black music night. That seems never to go wrong with DJ Celsinho Double C. The house became famous for its rich owners and for its famous gests on the dance floor. When private parties take place, invitations are disputed by the high society members.
R. Prof. Atílio Innocenti, 160
55 (11) 3078-0404
Thu. to sat.: 11pm to 5am.

E-Muzzik  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Electronic    American Express Visa
This exciting night club has as its biggest differential the technology. The house access is by a finger print identification system. The hostess is virtual and she’s called Nikky - she comes in two versions: blond with blue eyes or dark hair with green eyes. The house's scenery is renewed everyday, changing the projections in 360° on suspended screens. A space called Zen area is set in an open air wooden deck and there is also a V.I.P and a Private areas available. Periodically the house receives international DJs and the music played there is electronic.
R. Atílio Innocenti, 772
55 (11) 3045-7128
Wed. to sat.: from 11pm.

Freak Club  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Gay    Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
With modern installation, this night club intends to be a new option for gay parties in the city. The entire house's staff is composed by icons of the city's gay or underground scene. On the ground floor, the ones that like a calm atmosphere can enjoy the bar, play snooker and chat. On the first floor, the party goes crazy on an ample dance floor and in the V.I.P. area.
R. Iguatemi, 236
55 (11) 3079-4055
Fri. and sat.: from 12pm.

Funhouse  -  Website (pt)
Bela Vista   Rock    Visa
This underground club is set at a little house. There are three floors, the bar, the dance floor with a little stage and the upstairs lounge with sofas and a jukebox. It has personalized decoration with references to underground culture with a cozy atmosphere. It opens from Wednesday to Sunday, always with new bands’ shows, providing a wide view of what is being created in the music scene in the country.
R.: Bela Cintra, 567
55 (11) 3259-3793
Wed. to sat.: from 11pm. Sun.: from 8pm.

Glória  -  Website (pt)
Bela Vista   Black    American Express Visa handicap facilities
Located in a place that once was a church and a theater at the traditional neighborhood of Bixiga. There are mirrors all over the place, sofas on the lateral and golden details. On the ceiling there are illustrations created for the club. The project brings back the sophisticated atmosphere of the 80's clubs. There are three bars to attend the costumers, one on the balcony, other on the dance floor and one only for champagne. The nights have electronic music and parties related to fashion.
R.: Treze de Maio, 830
55 (11) 3287-3700
Fri. and sat.: from 10pm.

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