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São Paulo has a intense night life capable of pleasing everyone. There are clubs playing great music, from electronic to Brazilian traditional styles - different options for all ages and various prices. The parties usually last all night long, for those who are discontented some houses have “after hours” that go until midday or more, depending on the place.

Buena Vista Club  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Dance    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
Set in a pleasant and cozy ambient, this club is decorated with jazz masters’ pictures, velvet curtains and privileged illumination. On the dance floor, Latin rhythms are played - salsa, merengue and Brazilian popular music - or dance, pop rock and flashback music. To drink, the house offers a vast menu. Among the options there is draft beer, champagne and mojito (cocktail made with rum, lemon and peppermint). To eat, hot dishes and portions are offered. Desserts are also served.
R. Prof. Atílio Innocenti, 780
55 (11) 3045-5245
Mon. to fri. and sun.: from 7pm. Sat.: 8pm.

Cheers  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Dance    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
This house has a different and innovative concept. The proposal is to offer the best and most modern sound, ambient illumination and comfort. The nigh club's look refers to Palm Beach houses. It is a hangar of 600m², divided into two main spaces. The entrance consists in a saloon furnished with 28 tables, where appetizers, dishes of international cuisine and drinks are served. There s also a bar. Cocktails, as the one named “Cheers” (vodka, pernoud, champagne and orange juice), are successful among the costumers. At the back there is a dance floor, a V.I.P. area for 70 people, a mini lounge and a bar.
Al. Vicente Pinzon, 153
55 (11) 3044-1428
Thu. to sat.: from 10pm.

Dancing Morumbi
Morumbi   Dance    Visa
There are three floors of guaranteed entertainment: dance floor, V.I.P. area and soft lounge with total capacity for 600 people. The music is under the command of the resident DJ Fausto Morales, responsible for music world wide trip. Every Friday a flashback party - with 70's, 80's and 90's hits. On Saturdays, a lot of house music, with some drum 'n' bass, black music and techno.
Av. Morumbi, 6849
55 (11) 3758-6155
Wed.: from 8pm. Fri. and sat.: from 10pm. Sun.: from 5pm.

Image Club  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Dance   
It is directed to the art of photographing. The visual conception was created by the photographers Dimas Schittini and Linda Conde. The house, a mix of restaurant, piano-bar and night club, has many photos on its walls. On the dance floor, much dance and disco are played and some live bands play the best of axé; and pagode (Brazilian rhythms). On Thursdays, the stage is occupied by the band Batom na Cueca and, on Fridays, by Inimigos da HP. The shows are always crowded.
R. Leopoldo Couto de Magalhães Jr., 1143
55 (11) 3078-6226
Thu. to sat.: from 10pm.

Noctum Club
Itaim Bibi   Dance    MasterCard Visa
The house’s name (that means “night” in Latin) could not have been better chosen. The night club offers everything that is related to night: style, good music, beautiful people, refined atmosphere and great drinks. The house was built in classic a style, making the atmosphere very welcoming. The dance floor's bar is big and in a British style, in which the bottles seem to be part of the decoration. The balcony, in Italian style, has it's own bar, so costumers can have a drink without having to cross the dance floor. The music schedule is very eclectic: on Tuesdays, black music; on Thursdays, great trance music; on Fridays and Saturdays, the resident DJ is responsible for good house music; on Sunday, it is Questa Finta band's turn to play pop rock and cheer up the pizza night.
R. Alvorada, 550
55 (11) 3845-3855
Tue. to sat.: 11pm to 5am. Sun.: 6pm to 5am.

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