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São Paulo has a intense night life capable of pleasing everyone. There are clubs playing great music, from electronic to Brazilian traditional styles - different options for all ages and various prices. The parties usually last all night long, for those who are discontented some houses have “after hours” that go until midday or more, depending on the place.

Itaim Bibi   Electronic    American Express handicap facilities
Opened to public just on Thursdays nights, this night club is another option at Itaim Bibi neighborhood. The place was inspired in a brothel from the beginning of the century. Red and golden tones on the curtains and mirrors all over the house decorate the extravagant scenery. The dance floor is located on the ground floor, as well as the bar and the V.I.P. area, with sofas. On the superior floor, sofas and tables occupy the space where is set he DJ's stand. The predominant sound is electro and black music, under the command of the resident DJ Mau and his guests.
R. Tabapuã, 142
55 (11) 3078-4128
Thu.: 11pm to 4am.

Red Club  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Electronic    MasterCard Visa
Inspired in the red color, this night club bets in the mix of a modern ambient with electronic music. The architects Julieta André;s and Anna Carolina Botelho decorated the place with Latin America hot references and bold ones from London. The house, set in Vila Olímpia neighborhood, has 700m², divided in dance floor, mezzanine and V.I.P. area. On Thursdays, the night club produces what is called the “Red House Project”, with DJs of the national and international electronic scene. On Wednesdays flashback music is played. On Fridays and Saturdays the nights are dedicated mainly to house and dance music. The rest of the week is under the command of the resident DJs: Dagá and Marcelo Barres. At the bar, the attractions are the hot drinks, as the one called luz del fuego, that mixes tequila, absinthe and some secret ingredients.
Av. Dr. Cardoso de Melo, 1261
55 (11) 3045-0303
Thu. to sat.: from 11pm.

Show Bar  -  Website (pt)
Pinheiros   Electronic   
At the bar, the bartenders - bargirls and brawny barmen - make the costumers crazy. No, they are not behind the bar. They are on it, juggling with vodka bottles and sexy dancing. Suddenly, someone that does not show up a lot in nigh clubs appears: the cooker goes up in the bar juggling with his pots on fire. When this scene happens, it causes furor in the public. Time and again, a client goes up trying to juggle in exchange for a drink. About the drinks, the house's menu is full of drinks on fire: the “victim” has to drink it all at a time, till the glass is completely empty and there is no more fire.
R. Cardeal Arcoverde, 1393
55 (11) 3031-4550
Tue. to sat.: from 10:30pm. Sun.: from 8pm.

Thai Disco  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Electronic    American Express MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
The new house, set in Vila Olímpia neighborhood, is inspired in South Asian themes, using colors and decorative objects from the East, besides having three meters high and four tones Buda set above the DJ's stand. The V.I.P. area is located next to the dance floor, which remits to big constructions as the Taj Mahal. The mezzanine, set above the dance floor, has glass walls. It also offers a lounge furnished with sofas and independent bar and sound, which can be utilized to private parties.
R. Lourenço Marques, 237
55 (11) 3044-0409
Tue. and thu. to sat.: from 11pm.

The Week  -  Website (pt)
Lapa   Electronic    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
Set out of the circuit Vila Olímpia-Jardins neighborhoods, this night club stills a reference of good electronic music and gay parties. The space of 6000m² is divided in several rooms: two dance floors, three lounges, a deck with pool, garden, and V.I.P. area with private dance floor, six bars and a kiosk. On Fridays, the house produces the project of house music. The party called Babylon occurs on Saturdays and is dedicated to the gay public.
R. Guaicurus, 324
55 (11) 3872-9966
Sat.: from 10pm.

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