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São Paulo has a intense night life capable of pleasing everyone. There are clubs playing great music, from electronic to Brazilian traditional styles - different options for all ages and various prices. The parties usually last all night long, for those who are discontented some houses have “after hours” that go until midday or more, depending on the place.

Ultralounge  -  Website (pt)
Jardim Paulista   Electronic    handicap facilities
This house brought back the street’s glamour. It has been compared to Studio 54, the famous New York City club. The club objective is to join art and music, attracting a young and open minded public. To reach that, owners invested in modern music and exotic and a bit chaotic decoration. The bathroom is the same for man and woman, there is a huge bed next to the dance floor. House and variations are the club’s kind of music.
R. da Consolação, 3031
55 (11) 3062-0385
Wed. to sat.: from 12pm. Sun.: from 7am

Vinyl  -  Website (pt)
Itaim Bibi   Electronic    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
The night club has its tendencies, from its architectural project to the musical tendencies, directed to an older public - older than 25. Czech crystal chandeliers above the dance floor and bar, velvet curtains and Bee Gees hits are examples as the house intend to attract its costumers. In the bar, the drinks are called with old night clubs names, which were successful during the 80’s and 90’s. On Thursdays, house and black music are played by DJ Celsinho Double C. On Friday, DJ Tom Hopkins cheers up the club playing house, dance, pop, flashback and black - the same music styles adopted by DJ Rafinha that plays on Saturdays.
R. Gomes de Carvalho, 799
55 (11) 3845-8555
Thu. to sat.: from 11:30pm.

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