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São Paulo has a intense night life capable of pleasing everyone. There are clubs playing great music, from electronic to Brazilian traditional styles - different options for all ages and various prices. The parties usually last all night long, for those who are discontented some houses have “after hours” that go until midday or more, depending on the place.

A Lanterna  -  Website (pt)
Pinheiros   Electronic    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
A Lanterna - The house mixes restaurant, bar and dance club - it’s a great place to dinne and dance. Everyday there’s live music being played. The sound goes from MPB (stands for Brazilian popular music) to electronic music. The restaurant focuses on the Mediterranean cuisine. At the bar there are cocktails like the Champ See, made with kiwi, liquor and champagne; another good option is the Francine, made of lemon, pineapple juice and cherry brandy.
R.: Fidalga, 531
55 (11) 3031-0483
Tue. to thu.:from 6pm to 1:30am. Fri.:from 6pm to 2am. Sat.:from 7pm to 2am.

A Marcenaria  -  Website (pt)
Pinheiros   Black    handicap facilities
The place is joined bar, restaurant, lounge and dance club. The menu was created by chef Ana Rodrigues, focusing on contemporary cuisine. A good option is the yogurt salada, made with lettuce, water-cress, dry tomato, heart of palm and artichoke with yogurt sauce. The dance floor main sound is black music.
R. Fradique Coutinho, 1378
55 (11) 3032-9006
Tue., thu., fri. and sat.: from 9pm

Bar Samba
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Inaugurated in 2003, the house already is a meeting point for sambistas (the musicians who compose samba, a Brazilian rhythm) from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and it happens because of it's enthusiastic and authentic samba circles (as called the way that play the “bands” of samba), always bringing expressive guests.
R. Fidalga, 308
55 (11) 3819-4619
Mon. to sat.: 12am to 2am. Sun.: 4pm to 2am.

Blen Blen Brasil  -  Website (pt)
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The house is famous for the shows that usually promotes. There is a room for up to 300 people with tables and a TV where you can see and hear what’s going on the dance floor. On the upper floor there is the stage, a bar and a dance floor, where several types of music are played: dance, black, rock, MPB (stands for Brazilian popular music), salsa and samba rock. The most famous night is the black music night on Saturdays.
R.: Inácio Pereira da Rocha, 520
55 (11) 3815-4999
Mon. to sat.: from 8pm

Bubu Lounge Disco  -  Website (pt)
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The house offers a new concept of club, with diversified and modern public. There are three distinct rooms: a lounge full of sofas and a stage for pocket shows; there are two dance floors and five bars in the whole place. At Saturdays there are shows, and from on midnight the dance floor is open, with house and Jumba (flash back). On Mondays the house is a stage for theater plays, but after they are over, the dance floor is opened.
R.: dos Pinheiros, 791
55 (11) 3081-9546
Fri.: from 12pm. Sat.: from 11pm.

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