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São Paulo is the city which has more restaurants in the whole world, what means lot of options for you. Here you can find from cozy little bistros to expensive posh places. And, of course, do not forget to prove our tradicional 'feijoada'. But if you prefere something more familiar, you can dinner in one of the our many restaurants of International cuisine.

Vira Lata
Consolação   Brazilian   $$$    english-speaking attendants
It is set in an big antique house with unexpected decoration and surrounded by plants. All of the things there are for sale. The menu is focused on Brazilian cuisine with other influences. There are offered dishes such as the called rice of rich whore, that comes with chicken, pork
R. Minas Gerais, 112
55 (11) 3258-6093
Mon.: 8pm to 12pm. Tue. to thu.: 12am to 4pm and 8pm to 12pm. Fri.: 12am to 4pm and 8pm to 1am. Sat.: 12am to 5pm and 8pm to 1am. Sun.: 12am to 5pm.

Vitto di Roma
Tatuapé   Italian   $    Spanish-speaking attendants American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa handicap facilities
In a modern ambient, offers a buffet at lunch time and pasta, that are finalized and mixed to sauce at the moment it's asked. On Sundays, there is only a la carte service, offering options such as the young goat paw with broccoli and potatoes.
R. Prof. Pedreira de Freitas, 237
55 (11) 6674-2684
Mon. to wed.: 11:30am to 3pm. Thu. and fri.: 11:30am to 3pm and 7pm to 11pm. Sat.: 11:30am to 4pm and 7pm to 11pm. Sun.: 11:30am to 5pm.

Yellow Giraffe
Pinheiros   Hamburger   $    Diners Club MasterCard
This restaurant is modern and has a different menu. Although the house specialty is the classical “beirute”.
R. Amauri, 356
55 (11) 3079-2438
Mon. to wed. and sun.: 11:30am to 1am. Thu.: 11:30am to 1:30am. Fri. and sat.: 11:30am to 2am.

Zest Italian Grill
Jardim Paulista   Italian   $$    english-speaking attendants Spanish-speaking attendants MasterCard Visa
This restaurant is set in a small place with a clean decoration. Serves Italian dishes in which grilled meats are the main attraction.
R. Pamplona, 1787
55 (11) 3887-3982
Mon. to thu.:12am to 11pm. Fri. and sat.:12am to 1am. Sun.:12am to 10pm.

Zi Tereza de Napoli
Campo Belo   Pizza   $$    American Express Diners Club MasterCard Visa
Traditional pizza house that serves pizzas mande in the Naple way. There are traditional options like margherita and different recipes like the “Zi Tereza” pizza made with Catupiry (Brazilian cream cheese), artichoke and herbs sauce.
Av. Ver. José Diniz, 3401
55 (11) 5533-3319
Mon. to wed.:6pm to 12:30am. Thu. and sun.:6pm to 1am. Fri. and sat.12am to 2am.

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